Ethics Policy

Background to HospitalAdvisor was set up by Shalini Mahtani a few years after her son Zubin died. Zubin’s death was sudden and tragic; he was three years old and was born and died in Hong Kong.

A few years later, at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government on an Executive Leadership Programme, Shalini learned about the need for transparency of outcomes at hospitals. She decided to create HospitalAdvisor to help patients in Hong Kong (initially) by giving them access to information to aide informed health care decision-making. She also wanted to celebrate those hospitals that put patient centred care at the core of their service delivery.

Our ideological affiliation

We believe that transparency in hospital outcomes is critical. Transparency helps patients make better, more informed decisions. We also think it makes hospitals and care providers more accountable to patients.

We believe that patients should be at the centre of their care. It is after all, their life that we are all concerned about.

We believe that standards of care need to be high, and we should strive to have hospital care and safety standards in Hong Kong consistent with the highest international standards. Hong Kong is our home and it is an extremely wealthy city. We have the resources to aspire to the highest standards.

We believe in celebrating those hospitals that do their best by patients.

We believe that hospital care is an ecosystem and that together the hospitals, doctors, nurses, patients, and others should work together to improve the quality of care available in our city.

We believe that most individuals in the provision of healthcare have good intentions and work very hard and that the outcomes of healthcare can be improved if we all work together.

We believe that profit must never be the primary intention in the provision of hospital care. We believe that the primary intention of healthcare should always be the patient’s well-being.

We are independent and have no political affiliation.

We do not give away or sell your personal information

HospitalAdvisor will not give away or sell your personal information. All personal information collected by the system (your name, user name and email address) will be held on a secure, encrypted server. We will comply with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in respect of your personal information.

We will not store your telephone number. Your telephone number is only required to set up a user account and will be deleted thereafter.

The authentic patient voice is important

As this is a platform for the patient voice, posts will not be edited. However, we reserve the right to remove posts upon notice that they are defamatory, salacious or contravene our terms and conditions.

We do not take money from certain types of companies

The primary objective of HospitalAdvisor is social good, not profit maximisation. However, as funds are necessary to support operational costs and for future growth and development, we will seek revenue by selling reports (containing no personal information), accepting advertising, and/or other income sources and venture capital. Please note that we will not accept income derived from the tobacco, liquor, and arms industries.

The opinions, reviews, scores, and statements expressed on this website should in no way be construed as a substitute for medical advice. We accept no liability for any decisions taken by you on the basis of opinions, reviews, scores, and statements expressed on this website. Likewise, we accept no liability for the views expressed by patients relating to their healthcare experience.

Thank you.