HospitalAdvisor is an independent online platform for patients. It’s aim is to give patients information about quality of care in Hong Kong’s hospitals so that patients can make informed decisions about their hospital choice. HospitalAdvisor covers all hospitals in Hong Kong, both public and private.

HospitalAdvisor rates quality of care in hospitals using patient experiences to answer a short survey of questions. This survey of questions and a unique methodology, developed by The Zubin Foundation together with the Harvard Global Health Institute and Dr. Janice Johnston, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong, rates and ranks hospitals on a Quality of Care Index.

HospitalAdvisor was developed by The Zubin Foundation, a social policy think tank in Hong Kong, and a registered Hong Kong charity. The Zubin Foundation was set up to honour the life of Zubin who died tragically at the age of 3 in Hong Kong. The Zubin Foundation was founded by Zubin’s parents, Shalini Mahtani and Ravi Gidumal.


We believe that transparency and access to information in healthcare is vital for patients. Our first goal is to empower patients with information. We also want to celebrate those hospitals which demonstrate a commitment to patient quality of care.

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HospitalAdvisor is a social enterprise in Hong Kong. We are currently funded by the founders, Shalini Mahtani and Ravi Gidumal. If you would like to contribute, please email us directly at mummy@zubinfoundation.org

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